Official photographer of the world’s first atomic explosion (the Trinity Explosion) in the Alamogordo Desert on July 16, 1945. (many high-speed images)

2 thoughts on “Berlyn Brixner

  1. raymond cantin says:

    Good morning,I’m Raymond Cantin from MAP (www.mouvementartpublic.com)we are commissioned to put art in public spaces,we are associate with CBS in promoting art in bus shelter,the STM (societe des transports de Montreal) ask us to make exhibit of contemporary photo artist on the environment subject,in the Place des Arts subway station,I want tu put together different artists on the same subject,the STM has acclaimed as the best in transportation community,what we do we are proposing some of your work,and then we pay 500$ fee of copyright for the use of the photos,we are taking care of the printing and installation,prints will be between 40×60 – 48×72 ,tell me if you are interested and if you have other photograhers to submit,let us know.


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