“Nuclear Families: From Trinity to Nagasaki”

Society for Photographic Education 2017 National Conference

Atomic Tourist: Kate

Atomic Tourist: Kate Henning, Santiago, California, 2014


Speakers: Claude Baillargeon, Mary Kavanagh, Mark Klett, and Katy McCormick (P)

Saturday, March 11 – 9:00AM to 10:45AM
Orange EF

The concept of the nuclear family can be understood metaphorically with reference to the atomic age, which intrinsically connects humanity as a transglobal family. This panel focuses on three early milestones. Joining 5,000 pilgrims to the Trinity Site, Mary Kavanagh explores the global phenomenon of nuclear tourism and the anxieties of the new age. The crumbling facilities of Utah’s Wendover Airfield, where the Enola Gay prepared for its combat mission, are the subject of Mark Klett’s plea for historic preservation. Haunted by the gaze of a Nagasaki teenager suffering catastrophic burns, Katy McCormick grapples with the ethics of hibakusha photography.

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