Nuclear Light


nuclear-light“Nuclear Light,” The Inventions of Light / Les Inventions de la Lumiere
School of Image Arts, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
February 24 – 26, 2016

Part of the bilingual conference, The Inventions of Light / Les Inventions de la Lumiere, “Nuclear Light” brings together a panel of APG members, Robert Del Tredici, Mary Kavanagh and Katy McCormick. Each panelist discusses the concept of nuclear light through the lens of their own work. Moderated by Blake Fitzpatrick.

This conference is the 6th edition of the Toronto/Montreal/Lille biennial of artistic exchange, and focuses on what light makes possible in the parallel realms of perception and creative imagination. The overall goal of the three-day conference is to explore the “inventions of light” collectively and to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the many inventions that light has generated in painting, photography, cinema, animation and digital arts.

Nuclear Light
Moderator: Blake Fitzpatrick (Ryerson University)

Fiat Lux: The Reign of Nuclear Light
Robert Del Tredici (independent artist)

Atomic Tourist: Trinity
Mary Kavanagh (University of Lethbridge)

Nagasaki, 11:02 – Land of the Second Sun
Katy McCormick