Behind the Atom Curtain: Life and Death in the Nuclear Age

Founded by photographer Robert Del Tredici in 1987, the Atomic Photographers Guild is an international collective of photographers dedicated to making visible all aspects of the nuclear world. This show highlights history’s gravest nuclear accident, still ongoing, in Fukushima, with special acknowledgment of the work of Kenji Higuchi of Tokyo. Higuchi is the preeminent photographer of Japan’s nuclear workers. The exhibition was curated by Robert Del Tredici and Harris Fogel.

Behind the Atom Curtain: Life and Death in the Nuclear Age features the work of 24 photographers including: Berlyn Brixner, Yoshito Matsushige, Jessie Boylan, Dan Budnik, James Crnkovich, Robert Del Tredici, Blake Fitzpatrick, Nancy Floyd, Harris Fogel, Carole Gallagher, Peter Goin, Kenji Higuchi, John Hooton, Igor Kostin, Yuri Kuidin, James Lerager, David McMillan, Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani, Barbara Norfleet, Mark Ruwedel, Paul Shambroom, elin o’Hara slavick, Vaclav Vasku, and Günther Zint.

Sep 23—Oct 22 2011

Sol Mednick Gallery

Terra Hall

211 South Broad Street 15th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19107

United States
Melissa Calder
tel: 215.717.6300